When Life is Going in Circles.

Jericho was completely shut up. No one was able to come and none were able to go (Joshua 6:1) . It’s wall seemed insurmountable, yet before there was even a crack in the wall, God had  encouraged Joshua and told him the outcome. The city was already defeated, all that was required was obedience, patience, and faith.

How many Jericho walls do we encounter in life? Those things that seem shut up away from us, that seem inaccessible or undefeatable? How many times do we feel completely inadequate and fearful to tackle the tasks set before us? How many times do we feel the Lord calling us to do unusual tasks that take us outside of our faith comfort zones?

I can only imagine how odd it felt to the Israelites to follow the instruction of God to march around the city for 6 days in silence. This was a very odd and passive battle strategy and for six days the wall didn’t move. The people of Jericho were safe inside and the Israelites were still  on the other side, waiting. What kind of patience that took to continually approach an obstacle and see no change, to see no movement. I know how frustrating and weary that can make a person, because humans are by nature results driven. We expect that if we do A, then B should happen. But God’s ways are not our ways. Sometimes He sends us to do things not just for the victory of the result, but that the victory is truly found in the conditioning of our faith. You know our faith has to be ready and strong enough to fully receive and enjoy the promises of God. Israel had to have full faith in God in order to defeat Jericho and conquer their promised land.

On the last day, could you imagine getting up and now having to round the city seven times in silence? You’re literally going in circles, and this wall is still standing. Then the order comes to shout and with that cry of faith, the wall that one moment stood imposing in front of you is  flattened! Faith was the key! God when the time comes can change an impossible wall into a pile of stones suddenly!

You ever feel like you’re constantly going in circles around the same issue over and over for it never to be resolved? I DO. I tend to like to confront and resolve things quick and easy, I am a rip the band-aid off kinda girl, so when God has me constantly confronting the same issues over and over, I admit, I don’t handle it well. I begin to feel sad and frustrated and trying to figure out exactly why I am being forced to hang on to this issue. But God likes to use uncertainty to shape us into a willing and faithful vessel to Him. He wants us to depend solely on Him for our needs, and He wants us to know that when we are delivered that nothing but him was able to deliver us from our own bondage.

God has already promised us victory, but sometimes we have to have the patience to march around the walls. Sometimes we have to learn to be silent in the face of adversity. Let me say that again for my own benefit, ’cause I’m hard-headed, sometimes you have to take your mouth off of a situation for it to change. Sometimes we are destined to encounter these spiritual walls over and over. Going in circles, maybe begrudgingly, and complaining. If you’re like me and battling the spirit of impatience you might try to chip away at it or climb it, trying to get over it by any means necessary. When the entire time God is only instructing you to condition your faith by moving in purpose while He hands you your victory. Some battles we fight, were never meant to be battles at all. God has the power to change that situation suddenly, but you can’t gain your “promised land” without faith in Him who promised it. After all, its promised already, and  God’s promises NEVER return void.

The same God that destroyed the wall of Jericho is the same God working to help you conquer your strongholds today. He has already given us the victory, the city is ours. I pray that we can identify the Jerichos in our lives and identify the voice of God giving us the instructions to our victory. Also that we grow to understand that the walls in our lives are not there to stress and scare us, but to help us push our faith and obedience into a place where we can shout now knowing that what God promises, he delivers!



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